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(SPOILER ALERT, BEWARE.) The most hated person I ever seen. This kid was being hated on just because the destruction he cause on the leaf village. Those who doesn't knows about Naruto, he have the Nine tail Fox just because his mother Kushina Uzumaki passed it on to her son, which is Naruto. This Kid is caring but you can call him a daredevil. For example, once you kill somebody that he cares. He's haunting you down, Like he haunted down Sasuke Uchiha.
For those who don't know. Sasuke and Naruto fought at the Final Valley which represent the bondage between these two folks. (Hashirama and Madara.) Those who don't know about these 2 legends, I'll continue next time. Anyways, Sasuke and Naruto at this destination and after the fight was over, Naruto tries to reach back to Sasuke once again.
Due to lack of this training, just because he want to stop The Akatsuki and Orchimaru. Naruto Uzumako created a bond with the Nine Tail just because of The Eight Tails, Killer Bee. Naruto kept on training and he unlocked the Bijuu Mode. The Bijuu mode made him so powerful, he has the same speed as his dad, (Minato Namikazee/ The fastest Ninjas.)
After the final fight with Sasuke, many ninjas looked at Naruto as an Hokage. Bottom line:Naruto dream came true because the effort he pulled off. (This anime is an life lesson. It shows, anything can be possible and that case, if you really want to desire something . Take it and try your best.) I recommend you to watch it . Hurry up, because the new anime Boruto is coming out soon. (^o^)/
Yup he was but he received the Truth after his little cheat with the past hokages 3 and 2
sounds like sasuke he was fueled by the hate of Wat his brother did
when is boruto coming out
Naruto is described as a truer leap village Ninja and will always be one
@gamerkristen13 This anime shows about friendship can be fix if you care a lot. 😂
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