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Monsta X Screenshot Game Results ♥

(I'm going to try a story myself this time please tell me what you think ^ω^) Me and Hyungwon have been bestfriends since I was 4 and he was 8. He was my next door neighbor. We always did fun things together. We always had water gun fights, played tagged and even hide and seek. Ya know the basic games little kids play. Then one day when I was 8 and he was 12, he came crying to me because he had to move back to South Korea. His dad had to take over the family buisness. His grandfather died. It was the saddest day of my life. ~10 years later~ I went to South Korea when I was 18. I was so amazed by Seoul. I was to busy looking around. I bumped into someone and fell hard onto the ground. "Ya watch where you are going!" a mans voice said. He turned around and looked at me I blushed so bad. "I am so sorry." I said. I then caught my self stareing at him he was so cute. I think I have a crush......>//< "What is your name woman?" he said. I replied, "Coreena, yours?" He just said "Kihyun." He helped me up. "Since you got hurt from bumping into me I'll take you to my place." he said ~A few hours later~ "Welcome back Kihyun!" a familiar voice said. When he saw me standing there he froze. "What you got a problem?" I said. "Coreena? Is that you?" he asked. "How the hell do you know my name?" I asked. "It's me Hyungwon." he replied. "HYUNGWON!!! OH MY GOD I'VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!" I ran over and hugged him tightly. "You still hug as tight as ever. You've grown into a beautiful woman Coreena......To be honest I've always thought you were. I love you Coreena."Hyungwon said. He leans in and our lips touch and I kiss him back. It's only natural I mean we haven't seen eachother in a long time. "Ahem, enough kissing. Explain things to me I am confused." Kihyun said. "We are childhood friends." Hyunwon replied. "Well then, It must be fate then." he said. "Coreena you can stay the night here, you are obviously a newcomer because you bumped into me. I'm sure you don't have a place to stay."Kihyun said. He quickly left after that. ~The Next Day~ I woke up no one was there. So I decided to head out. I left a note with my phone number and where I went so Hyungwon wouldn't get worried I mean we were just reunited after 10 years. I decided to go through an alley way as a shortcut. Little did I know there were muggers. "Hey pretty lady give me your money." said a creepy voice. I turned around someone was behind me and he had a knife. I started to scream and run. I ran and ran. His footsteps were getting closer. I was thinking this is it I'm going to die next thing I know another guy flew passed me I turned around and the mugger was on the ground. "Are you okay?" he asked. "I am now because of you. Thank you so much." I replied. "My name is Wonho. Come on I'll take you to my friends place he has a big home you can stay with him. Next time you go somewhere don't go anywhere alone." he said. I just followed him. ~A few mins later~ We arrive to our destination. "Oh it's Hyungwon's place. I'm already staying here. I've knowm him since I was 4." I said. "Oh that's nice!" he replied while smiling. We can just chill here and wait for him to get back from practice."Wonho said. "Practice?" I asked confused. "So he didn't tell you I guess me, him and a few others are in a Korean boy band named Monsta X."he said. "Oh that is so rad!" I said. "Yep." he replied while smiling. The door opened it was Hyungwon, Kihyun and 4 other guys. Hyungwon said, "this is Shownu, Minhyuk, Jooheon and I.M. " "Nice to meet you I'm Coreena and I'm Hyungwon's childhood friend and current girlfriend I think."I said. They all bowed and said nice to meet you. One stared at me the whole time after that. We all started hanging out and next thing we knew we all fell asleep on the couch. ~The Next Morning~ I woke up to the smell of Tofu. It was on the table in front of me. I look around and evreyone is gone except for Hyungwon. He saw me awake and said "Goodmorning beautiful." I giggled and blushed. "Goodmorning!" I said smiling. We ate the Tofu and did nothing all day but watch tv. We used to do that if we were too lazy to play when we were younger. "Coreena I know I confessed my feelings to you and when I kissed you, you kissed me back. I feel you did it because of the moment. Do you actually love me?"he asked choking on his own words. "Hyungwon I don't see you as a lover honestly I only kissed you back because I haven't seen you in a long time and I want to love you but just can't I'm so sorry...."I said crying. "No don't cry Coreena. I understand. I'd rather be a friend to you than nothing to you at all"he said. He wiped away my tears and held me. "We will be lovers in another life. I just know it."he said. I stopped crying and smiled a little. ~A month later~ The boys and I started to become really close. Not as close as me and I.M. though. He asked me out saying if you were a Pokemon I'd choose you. Of course because of the Pokemon geek I am I couldn't say no. That's when Minhyuk started to become really distant and short tempered. He became really jealous. One day we were alone and I asked why he was so jealous. He told me since the first day he saw me that he liked me. He never had the guts and when he was about to I.M beat him to it. I hugged him and he just sighed. I told him if it doesn't work out between me and I.M we can date. He just smiled and calmed down. ~The next day~ "I'm going to the store." I said. Someone grabbed my arm. I turned around it was Kihyun. "Let me go with you." he said. "Damn what is your problem! You always won't let me go by myself." I yelled at him. "It's because I want to protect you shit!" he yelled back. "Okay...I'm sorry I shouldn't of yelled at you." I mumbeled. He still heard me and he hugged me and said it's okay. ~1 year later~ Me and I.M have been dating for a year. Today he is introducing me to his family. He bought me a beautiful red and black dress. He also called his makeup artist and hairstylist. I looked really good. Of course I looked good before but now just damn. I'm even finer. I started winking and blowing kisses at myself in the mirror. I heard laughter and it was I.M. "You're so beautiful and crazy Coreena." he said. I started laughing of embarrassment. He grabbed me pulled me close and kissed me. "My family is going to love you."he said. I just smiled really big. *Few hours later* I was at I.M.'s mom's and dad's house. They were so kind and the food was so delicous. They also had a dog it stayed beside me the whole time. "Wow he never likes anyone else except for our family. He has really taken a liking to you."I.M.'s father said. "I don't know why but dogs in general love me ever since I was little they would come up to me no one else." I said. "Well it must be true because again our dog is never like this towards strangers." his mom said. I just smiled. "Oh my it's getting late Coreena. It's time to go home." I.M. said. "Okay. Thank you for having me it was nice to meet you." I said. I bowed and left. ~3 months later~ I caught I.M. cheating on me. I entered the house we both were living in. I heard kissing. I look on the couch. I.M. is kissing another girl. "What the hell are you doing??!!! I screamed. "Just having a little fun baby." he replied. "A little fun my ass!!" I screamed. I punched him in the face and ran out the house crying. I went straight to Minhyuk's house. I told him evreything. "Minhyuk I didn't know who else to run to. You have always been here for me. I think I'm falling for you." I said. He wiped away my tears and kissed me on my forehead. "I'll handel this Coreena." he said that and left. He went to I.M.'s house. He kicked his ass and said, "Coreena is mine now. You fucked up she is a beautiful, loving, caring and over all awesome girl. She didn't deserve your ass." Minhyuk told I.M. I.M. was speechless. ~1 year later~ "You may now kiss the bride." Minhyuk kisses me passionately. Everyone claps. His mom came up to me and said, "Wow you looked so beautiful in your wedding dress." "Thank you!" I said while hugging her. "I've been waiting to marry your son since the day he proposed to me after I was cheated on by my ex. Your son makes me so happy I wouldn't want to marry anyone else." "I wouldn't want him to marry anyone else but you. All he did was talk about you since he first met you. He obviously loves you back dear!" she said. She took a selfie with us. We then lived the rest of our life together and happily married. The End ♥ @AimeeH
@otakukpopgirl Yeasss I thoroughly enjoyed it!
@AimeeH haha thank you and good xD that was the plan
@oatakukpopgirl IT was suspenseful and I didn't know what was gonna happen next!!
@oatakukpopgirl *Screechhhhhhhhh* I loved it!! Omg! Yeasssss!
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