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There are two things that really stood out to me from this anime. [Spoilers, kinda]

1. Fear is a serious motivator

It's so very true. In my own life I can totally see it. When I get very angry, or spiteful, or defensive it's because I'm fearful. I'll make it super personal for a sec. I'm going through something intense at work right now and my first reaction was to become angry. Why? When I sat down to think about it (and over analyze it) I found that it was because I was afraid. I was worried that the things I'd worked hard to implement and create would be forgotten and cast aside. I didn't want to be hurt and I wanted to protect my pride so out of fear I became angry. It's for sure something I'm working on so I'm glad this was brought up! It's not just in my life, though. I see it a lot, especially being a social worker. Children (and adults) lash out and attack each other because they're afraid of losing their spot in the group or looking bad in front of others. Have you ever felt that way?
Arita Mayu was insane, but at the end she made a really good point:

2. If you're happy with your choice other people's opinions don't matter

This girl was the ultimate fangirl, like to the point of dying together with her ultimate bias. The Arbitor who judged her basically told her she wasted her life because she devoted it to this playboy idol. But she totally didn't care. She said though it didn't look like much to other people she made the choices that were right for her, ones that she could live with, and was happy with. I've seriously struggled lately with how I look to other people. I skipped my 5 year high school reunion (tiny school, lol). I felt like I didn't go work for a cool company, start acting, or make a ton of money so maybe I'd look foolish. It goes back to number 1, too, but it's kind of deeper than that. I made choices and went places that made me happy, yet somehow I felt like I'd be judged because people might not understand and I might not be who they expected. SO WHAT?! I've done so many cool things and lived how I wanted and I'm happy, so it's stupid to lesson my happiness because of what other people might think. Anyway, that's what I took from Death Parade. It was a cool series--watch if you can!
I will definitely watch dis thanks for the review
I need to check this out. but Ido agree with fear being a powerful motivator. on a philiosophical level, it can be said that everything we do with our lives is out of fear of the void, the nothingness that follows death. the fear of what is unknown.
this sounds interesting ^•^ I'll see if I can watch this tomorrow
As much as I want to watch this right now, its a school night & its 7:50 where I live and its a school night.... but i shall watch thy awesomeness tomorrow after homework @MaighdlinS! :3
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