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Again I dare bring up another fun and interesting topic. Who is your favorite Dragon slayer (s) and why.
when its all said and done they are all pretty awesome. they all have their advantages and what not.
I feel Laxus kinda got shafted with not getting a Neko of his own. At least Cobra had a flying snake even though it ended up being Kianna. Also when the 7 dragons appeared thru the Eclipse gate not a single dragon slayer was able to defeat let alone hang. Natsu was the exception he was able to consume Atlas Flames Fire and in the end befriending him.
My least favorite out of the 7 would be Rogue and Sting. They came off way too cocky. Normally i can look past that but when Lector started running his mouth that sealed the deal with me.
Wendy Marvel is def my favorite dragon slayer. she is just too adorable. her Edo version is sexy like and her Dragon Force form is both lol.
Oh yah thank you guys for checking out the cards ive made. i really enjoy this community ^ ^
@Thatperson512 oh man i agree that fight is so bad ass Natsu was just messing with them the whole time lol. i didnt say natsu just cause hes a given. i love the noises and faces he makes when he gets scared of Erza. Wendy is soo not super obsessed like mest and that announcer is but she does rule lol
Gotta say Natsu and Wendy are my favorite. Natsu is fricken funny and Wendy is super cute. I also agree about Sting and Rougue. Although my favorite fight in the anime Natsu and Gajeel against them. That's because it was animated super well.
@NormanSmith Yeah you changed your picture to her. Lol
@NormanSmith I really want an exceed... it's not fair! :( and well obviously my favorite Dragon Slayer is ME!!!! :) then it have to be that metal head Gajeel (still kinda feel bad for that hazing I did to him)