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Weird English lines from kpop songs
So I was watching this video the other day about weird English lines from kpop songs. This is meant to be funny and not to hate on anyone. Also this is not my work. The words in white are actually lyrics from kpoo songs and the ones in green is just an illustration of your thoughts. Comment any weird English line that you've heard from kpop songs Have a laugh and share!
Apparently Hurricane is a verb lol
The girls expression to the guy is what makes this perfect. This one will never get old
Buffalos don't roll! Yep I agree. But coming from Exo, I will let that one slid.
This is another hilarious one. Exactly get married first.. I mean I won't have find this so funny if it weren't for the green lines.
The song was absolutely amazing and it sound really nice. However the green lines again crack me up. Well I like maths but even without maths you had won me over before. I already got my eye on one of those guys in that group.
And finally I save the last for the best. ..... I mean the lyric was everything tho! Who write those lyrics?
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Omg Micky 馃槀馃槀馃槀 Suju's Mamacita "shut your tongue" lmao Exo's Mama "no one who care about me" 馃槀 Mblaq's Y "listen to my Y"
LOL I'm still dying at "Since when is hurricane a verb" 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
@xxMollxx ok so I just can't help it. (the roll like a buffalo one) maybe its only in exo plant lol