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The Signs as K-Drama Cliches
aries: guy slams his hand against a wall to prevent the girl from going away

taurus: dramatic wrist grabs

gemini: "ahjumma one more soju please!"

cancer: flashbacks

leo: bathroom cat fight

virgo: when the character loses hope then it starts to rain out of nowhere

libra: main character pretends that everything is fine when it's not

scorpio: intense staring contest between two love rivals

sagittarius: accidental face to face contact/accidental kiss

capricorn: eating ramen straight out from the pan

aquarius: dumb nicknames like "lollipop ajusshi"

pisces: bad guy hanging out in a billiard hall scene

Which sign are you?

What's your favorite K-Drama cliches?

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Yes! the classic accidental kiss... Everyone's favorite cringe worthy scene! LOL I really wanted the soju one though dang
Mine is the dramatic wrist grabs. My favorite Kdrama cliché is drunken piggyback rides :)