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@VinMcCarthy glad your on the guild my friend! We should spread the word and keep this happening, I would love to make a huge movement in the anime world and fairy tail has so many members and characters in it vs. many other lengthy anime's. So we could even have other guilds that people like and their favorite members join to a light guild and stand against the dark guilds "haha". For real though glad you like the idea, who would be your character of choice? I will try and start a card and hopefully @haileyshelby22 can attach these clip our cards together and we can all unite under one or numerous light guilds for a fun and entertaining adventure and talk about fairy tail and what are favorite parts are moments as well as future predictions and almost like a mini discussion board of fairy tail all while being apart of the guild and representing the guild and friendship. Fairy tail is one of the many anime/manga that has taught me a lot in life and I have learned much and become a humble person who believes in the good in people and how hearts can change and help others along the way!!
So who is everyone gonna be? We should all start a page and then decide who is which character and explain traits on why you fit that character. Just a suggestion? Not trying to steal any thunder but @haileyshelby22 would you wanna start a page where we can all play along and become the real fairy tail? Wish there was more editing we could do but we could have a pic of all the characters and their vingle names under the picture and maybe everyone clip their pages to that main page with your character and profile specs on why your them and what your favorite things of said character is as well as favorite moves!! This could be really fun. I'd be even down to start a website devoted to this guild if we could all join in. Even create our own characters with moves of our own and such! Would be rad as @EmilyMaguire she could be a snow dragon slayer and as @VinMcCarthy be a god slayer with his own skills and as many more have said keep the flow going? Long message but anyone wanna get this guild going? What do you say @haileyshelby22 would that be fun to you?
I've always wanted the guild symbol on my hand like Lucy
Can i be Lucy?
fairy tail mage? ... OF COURSE!! I'll never dobut on that choise
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