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Whoever said the life of a fashion editor was easy, lied.

Okay, so maybe the word lied is a bit too harsh, but to live up to the title you have to follow the rules. In order to stay on trend and up to date, there are just a few rules you must follow. No matter how easy they make it look, it's never that easy -- but it is worth it. Holding yourself up to a specific standard is the fashion editor way and in order to do so you must slay. If you're not familiar with the term slay, just know that you have to show off and go off to the best of your ability.
These hidden secrets are being handed over to you so that you can follow in the footsteps of some of the greatest out there. It's not easy, but it's worth it. If you're interested in learning the beauty editors shopping techniques according to BAZAAR, keep scrolling and prepare to be put to work. You'll appreciate it in the long run.

1. Do a wardrobe check before every purchase.

"Dig through all the nooks and crannies of your current closet before making new purchases, because chances are you, like me, tend to buy the same things over and over again. This gut check will help you avoid a closet full of duplicates and allow each new piece to earn its keep."

2. Make a list each season.

"After your closet check, you can start shopping. Your mental list was likely double and now you've edited down to the five or so key updates to take your look to the next level. Before you pick up the credit card, write them down so you stay focused."

3. Mix in low with the high.

"This should be obvious, but many women skew too far in one direction. If your closet is full of cheap versions of the real thing, it will read that way. That said, paying full price for every new piece you crave is only worth it when the quality lends itself. Think coats, bags, shoes and special dresses."

4. Weigh out "It" accessories.

"Speaking of great bags and shoes, the items deemed "It" of the season may not necessarily translate to your personal style. Determine if a cult accessory is something you want for your collection or an ephemeral item that you'll end up consigning in six months. And give yourself a break when you make a mistake— is another one of our secret weapons."

5. Buy only what looks good on you.

"Prioritize what looks good on your body and what you feel good in versus straight-up trends. If midi-lengths cut you off, don't buy in. Same goes for oversized silhouettes or crop tops. It's all just a passing fad, and photos don't lie!"

6. Keep friends in high places.

"Buddy up with your favorite brand's shopgirls or customer service reps. They will keep you in the know on major sales, sometimes even letting you shop early. To that note: Get on store wait lists for a new season piece that is likely to sell out that you know you won't be able to live without."

7. Buy basics first and foremost.

"Don't fear the classic: white button-downs, a great pair of jeans, a navy blazer. While they are less "fun" to shop for, these are forever pieces for a reason."

8. Embrace new designers.

"Trying on new brands when shopping is the ultimate fashion editor secret. While your go-tos will never disappoint you, stumbling upon a fresh label not only makes your look completely original, but it's also likely a great deal if they are still undiscovered."

9. When in doubt, embrace a uniform.

"Establish your go-to look and interpret it each season. It you love pants, try a new silhouette. If skirts are heavy on your rotation, invest in a super luxe take on your favorite shape. If you only wear black and white, add a new texture to the mix."

10. Hit the beauty counter.

"Adding a new eye shadow palette or lip color is a cheap and chic addition to any seasoned shopper's list."

11. Stick to your budget.

"Come up with a number and stick to it. If that means buying only one great bag, shop your current closet for items that will highlight that new special item. New fashion debuts daily and overspending on this season's limit will only make you less excited to shop the next round."
Learn them.
Know them.
Love them.

You'll be shopping like a fashion editor in no time.