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Raquel Sofía has been in shadows of famous musicians for some time now, but now is her time to shine. Her music as a twist of rock, pop, blues, jazz and a lot of love! She has performed as a backup for Shakira, Juanes, and Jean Carlos. This Latin rock-and-roll musician definitely has a really cool vibe to her tunes, and I am sure she will rise to the top -- she's almost there. On Spotify, she has millions of streams for one of her songs called "Te Odio los Sabados."
The song has a very romantic and sweet vibe. And it is a love song, but she sings about the loneliness and heartache that comes from love. The lyrics are very beautiful -- I hope you're able to understand it. If not, enjoy the gorgeous beats.
Here's that song:
Raquel was born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico and went to school in Miami, Florida at the University of Miami to study jazz. By the way, she can definitely rock it on the guitar!
She's making her way up -- she's up for best Latin artist this year's Latin Grammys, which will be on November 19, 2015. She is also nominated in Vevo's artist development program, Lift. The program extends promotional support for rising artists for the chance to expose their music to a greater audience. And that includes video premiers, interviews, and behind-the-scene footage. I hope she's chosen!
In an interview with Billboard, she said that she remembers "listening to a lot of Bob Marley, the Beatles, Juan Luis Guerra, and Shakira," and how she wanted do what they did, especially the songwriting part. Those artists are the ones who influenced her debut album, "Te Quiero Los Domingos." The album was released on June 9, 2015.
She is fierce! I'm definitely going to listen to more of her music. I love powerful female rock stars!!!!
You should!