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Ok. Before you guys say anything, have you guys seen the Euro 2016 qualifier match between Spain and Ukraine?

If not, check these out and then tell me who is the best goalie in the world right now.

That's right.

I think David de Gea is currently the best goalie in the world. I bet Man Utd fans are really happy he didn't go to Real Madrid!

Would anyone disagree with me on this one? If so, who do you think is the best goalie in the world right now?
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@trinityarcangel Who? de Gea?
2 years ago·Reply
@trinityarcangel Haha thanks for agreeing!
2 years ago·Reply
De Gea probably, I am also a big fan of Lloris
2 years ago·Reply
@InPlainSight Lloris is definitely solid. Courtois was really good this year, but I feel like Chelsea defense has let him down so much this year.
2 years ago·Reply