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This startling new campaign from the One Love Foundation should be a must-watch for all young people.

The video, which is starting to go viral, aims to educate people on relationship violence – what to look for, and how to see through the lies people tell to mask it.
It comes from a great source, too – the One Love Foundation was founded after the brutal assault and murder of UVA student Yeardley Love by her boyfriend. It's shocking that even the people who say they love us most can sometimes be the biggest danger in our lives; luckily, the One Love movement is working hard to educate young people on the warning signs of relationship abuse.

Check out the video, and share to spread the word about relationship violence with your social networks:

Powerful stuff. I thought this video was really well done, and I'll definitely be sharing it on my personal Facebook – I hope you guys will too. It could really benefit the people in your life, even the ones you have no idea face this kind of situation every day.
I've seen it a couple of times already. It delivers a powerful message to today's youth.
This is amazing, especially because it started out sooooooo slowly like little things that don't seem to be controlling at first. It really is eye opening
I totally agree! I think it’s especially targeted for our younger generation @JulauryVarlack and I think that’s so important
This is good. It's so hard for someone to see the danger they are in when they are just "falling in love". Sometimes we need something like this to shock some sense into us. @nicolejb This is how it starts... Trust me. It's hard to pick out while it's happening for some people, because your abuser can be honey-tongued, too.
WELL DONE!. Love and Hate are the same emotion, I worked in Law enforcement for many years and it amazed me how the "risky guy or girl" is soooo attractive.... We seek out negative relationships and hope to change the person...guess what? PEOPLE NEVER CHANGE! they simply alter thier behavior for periods of time to get different results and to manipulate others. He / she cheated on thier significant other to be with you, guess what THEY WILL CHEAT ON YOU TOO! No one is special. Take time to get to know people before jumping in bed with them and being a "couple" and observe how they behave to others..... They will treat you the same WAY EVENTUALLY... Jealousy is not cute it is behavior that shows possession, CONTROL, and Insecurity you cannot fix this. know only you can protect you, know if you deal with the guy or girl who is exciting and "lives on yhe edge" the edge is a razor and it will eventually CUT YOU. ...Not to make light of the topic ..... But what do you tell a woman with 2 black eyes? Nothing he told her twice..:) dum dum dum, (horrible I know) ....I'm sorry but I couldn't resist...Now LMAO....
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