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This is perfect (and I'm not talking about the "Angels").

Every year, thousands of viewers flock to their televisions to watch the stunningly visual, Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. From social media to television coverage, these societal perfect humans strut down the most televised runway representing America's number one lingerie brand to follow up with landing on the front of the biggest fashion magazines in the world. Fans show their support and envy on social media while others show their ultimate disgust. In the over sexualized world we live in, most could care less about the thousand dollar jeweled braw and are fascinated by how these models look.
On another note, literally, the performers are what bring big hype to this event. The biggest names in the Hollywood industries flood the front rows getting their up close and personal debut. From Ariana Grande to Taylor Swift, America can't get enough of their bigger than life pop stars. And of course, this was not the year that they were going to miss that opportunity again.




After a long day of teasing and tweeting, Victoria's Secret has finally announced that Rihanna, Selena Gomez, and The Weekend are the frontrunners of the 2015 show. If I can talk on behalf of the world, I know most people are screaming "YAASSS!!!". It's a fun and unique dynamic that I'm sure will be boldly represented on the stage.
So grab your ice cream and enjoy that slice of pizza because I know your eyes will be glued to the television as you convince yourself that a six pack isn't worth it.

Will you be tuning in?

AHHHH YES! this is the only reason I like the VS fashion show. I love love Rihanna and the Weeknd. I’m also excited to see how Selena does even though I’m not a hug fan
@nicolejb use this one: Video vs audio. I'm thinking about using it... Maybe for a jazz routine? I dig the beat. Contemporary? I'M STILL THINKING!
@nicolejb I'll hug you ANYways! :P *snicker* You may not be a Selena fan, but go look up her new song, I like that song. Maybe it's the message?
yeah, the like snaps in the beginning with the bass. I like that!
hahaha HUGE fan. but yes, maybe I’ll be a hug fan. don’t get ready wrong, I love how catch and fun her music is (you’re so right, this song is pretty dang good) I just am not a huge fan of her voice. @ButterflyBlu