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When you're trying to choose the perfect pictures/gifs for your card.
And you have TOO many pictures
Yummy pictures...
That you get sidetracked of what you were posting about
So you just post them all. Which isn't exactly bad...
...but then there's that 50 photo limit...
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This is just everything 😢 Thank you for share these beautiful pictures of D.O my heart is just so happy right now 😤😄
2 years ago·Reply
That gif with Kyungsoo on the ground though!!!!!!!! 😳 I was not ready for that!!!!!
2 years ago·Reply
@ElizabethT gurl, I know what you mean!
2 years ago·Reply
you want me to die...
2 years ago·Reply
I forgot what I was supposed to be doing...
2 years ago·Reply