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What's the worst way to propose to someone?

#WorstWaysToPopTheQuestion is trending on Twitter right now, and it is hilarious. Here are a few of my favorite terrible proposal ideas.
This proposal is sure to make an impact.
Oo, sassy, Christine. Is someone bitter?
I don't know what's more offensive – them being so open about the fact that they're settling for you, or them calling you a pig.
"Hi, this is Alli's mom. Yes, I'm doing great, thank you! I was just calling to check in, and see if you wanted to be my son-in-law." Yeah, no thanks, mom.
This is maybe the worst way to propose of all time.
No wait, this is. Soooo corny.
HAH. That just means you wanna have sex with me, right?
DIABOLICAL. You would have to say yes. I might have to try this one...

What's the worst way you can think of to pop the question??

Worst way to propose: Asking your side chick to propose to her for you.
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The burger one should be "the best way to propose" i would of course would want a good, quality, expensive burger for the ring to sit on lol. @allischaaff
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this is a great card
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I would soooooo say yes to the knock knock joke!
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@danidee Ugghhh nothing would be worse than that -____-
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