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Our phones have taken over our lives.

When they said our phones would become attached to our hip, we didn't think they meant literally. We use our phones daily. Whether it be to communicate with others via social media, text messages, phone calls, surf the web or try and find our destination. When we need it, it's always right there. Has the telephone become more loyal than people? We show more attention to our phones than to those we love the most and that's when it becomes an issue. If you're in the same room with a person and you can't even hold a direct conversation because you're too involved into what's being tweet or who just posted a picture on Instagram, it's time to break up with your phone.
We've grown so attached to our phones that it's almost become a sickness that doesn't really have a curable remedy. Photographer Eric Pickersgill, took his talents to the street shortly after getting married to capture people with their love ones who happened to be more interested in their phone. He titled this series "Removed" which I feel is a very appropriate title. Pickersgill spoke with Cosmo saying, "The absence of the device points to it more so than if it were present. The device being removed also means that the person in the photograph must perform this gesture." If you happen to find yourself showing your phone more love than you do your loved ones, keep scrolling and see how these images depict how "removed" today's society has become.

Seriously, how deep was this series of images?

I hope it made you stop and think.
Technology will always be around, family won't.