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It looks like MGM is going to reboot WarGames in a way that completely goes around making another movie (even though that's something they've been trying to do for a while). I think that rebooting the movie into -- essentially -- a video game is a pretty cool move on their part.
I think it's pretty cool in a couple of ways. First, I think it really fits in with the movie's narrative. Matthew Broderick (in the original movie) is a hacker who ends up having to play computer games against a computer that could start World War III if it wanted to (or something, I don't remember clearly enough). It seems like it'll really put the audience in the shoes of the protagonist of the story.
The second thing that's really cool about this reboot is that MGM is doing it simply because they think an interactive experience, or the mix of the interactive elements of a video game and the cinematic nature of a movie, will be a great way to test how their audience will engage with their content.
There isn't too much out about the reboot right now so I can't really speculate on what it might be like but it's still pretty interesting to me and I can't wait to see what comes of it.