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ADVENTURE THE WORLD OF ANIME AND MANGA WITH ALL OUR NAKAMA!! All anime and manga lovers welcome! I wanna know everything that you all love! Let's all lend a hand and DREAM TO MAKE BELIEVE for us otaku's, beginners, and well versed in the anime/manga world!
Let's all toast to a cup if sake and become brothers for life and always have each other's backs and protect that which is precious to us till our final moments as glorious NAKAMA!
The best feeling in the world!! NAKAMA!!!
No matter how far away we may sail or where we may end up we will always be NAKAMA!
First sketches of LUFFY and Obito overlooking the Konohagakure village. Unfinished but just sketches. More to come to my NAKAMA. Criticism welcome. I aspire to become even greater at manga art and become a future mangaka!
Can never have enough manga!! Top to bottom so far- Bleach, DBZ, Fairy Tail, Fullmetal Alchemist, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Monster Musume, Naruto, One Piece, Terra Formars! More to come soon my NAKAMA!
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I like everything, well almost, but mostly sifi, super powered, meca, slice of life, monster, for e most part stuff like accel world, soul eater, magi, air gear, one piece, and sailor moon! it's probably better said that as long as it catches my infest be the end of the first ep I'll give the second but if it don't keep it by the third I'll move on to another series, movies I will always finish even if I have to learn the hard way
@VinMcCarthy yes NAKAMA are what this is all about! And @radicaldreamer def liked magi cannot wait to buy the manga, and of course OP haha. All greats tho thanks for the comments all!
new great is black bullet or chiaka the coffin princess
@radicaldreamer I'll have to check those are they completed or ongoing?
they appear to be comepletly finished with the second season for coffin princess and black bullet is finished with the first but they are only subbed right now