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when cons attack
all my friends whent to nycc / New York comic con this weekend ( so jealous) and I saw this picture somewhere and reminded me of what little sleep and how awesome it actually feels to not sleep lol
wanting to sleep, yet there is so much to do and so much to see! one year I was so beat, I went to sleep on my sweet panda leggs for about 30 mins mid con lunch.
I imagine being a normal attendee must be different, sense it don't matter if you wake up with raccon looking eyes lol
sleep deprivation is totally a normal thing at cons, I just hate the fact my face looks 10 years older and also not as energetic as I would like to be when I get sleep. usually wake up like this, but the excitement inside me gives me a push. most of the time I can't sleep the day beforehand because I'm thinking about my cosplays, and I'm just too excited about seeing people cosplay as well as they seeing mines.
food is another thing! usually I don't skip a meal! much like luffy I'm always starving! =/ so at cons I've learned I can't ways sit down for a meal.
I end up like this, but with time we become better and bring energy bars and things to eat thuout the day. con food can be expensive, even then the lines are soooo long lol , and driving out such a drag to find parking again. so just bring snacks, and microwave things at the hotel.
I really hate to look like this during con days!
I just want to be cute and take great pictures!
at the end, starved lol and tired what hypes me up is taking pictures of amazing cosplays and people recognizing mines, asking for pictures and wanting to usually hug my almost 7 foot panda sidekick. attending awesome panels and buying cool stuff. can't tell you how happy we get when people say they want a picture of us/with us. I usually end up the same way when I see one too.
ah well can't wait for the next one! happy cons everyone.
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=) while it may not be everyones, it's my experience thus far haha I'm sure alot of people feel the same
lol!!! I'm a total not sleep no eating kind of con goer. thankfully my friends and I do a good job of taking care of each other ^&
if I eat and sleep some is probably to take care of my sister too. thank God for good friends =)