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I'll admit straight off of the bat; I'm a fairly fresh Front Bottoms fan. I saw them open for my favorite band, Say Anything, last summer though I mostly forgot about them until maybe 4 months ago. One of their albums came on the autoplay on youtube for me one day, and I jsut kept listening.
Pretty soon I discovered that I actually really loved their sound. I love the rawness of their early stuff, and the weird stylings of all their stuff. I love the dynamics between Brian Sella, the lead guitarist and singer and Matt Uychich the drummer. The two have been friends for the bulk of their lives, and began their music careers together by kind of just bangin' around on intruments.
They have a real garage-band feel about them, though with very modern sounds. It's hard for me to explain, as I'm no musician or really even well-versed enough in music writing to offer an insightful critique.
You might not be able to see the view count for that video up there, but it's around 5,200. So really not a whole lot. That's not really uncommon for live session videos, though it also indicates something; The Front Bottoms are not a hugely popular band. They aren't playing Madison Square Garden any time soon. I don't even know if they headline tours yet.
But my point lies in this; this video is them playing a live session on the day their latest album came out. It's their first album after being signed by Fueled By Ramen. It's important to know that this is their release day for it, because listen to the crowd.

They are singing along.

Isn't that a little mind-blowing? These are dedicated fans. These are fans that kept up with the periodic releases of songs off of the album, so much so that the crowd is packed with people singing along to songs from an album that released on the same day they all came to see the guys play.
That's hardcore fans, to me. That's devotion.
That's part of why I love this goddamned band so much.
I hope you listen to this set and enjoy it. And strike out then on your own and find yourself some favorite songs.
@danse @aimeeh @littlemaryk @giovannisolorza @poojas @rosepark @nerukawong @biancadanica98 I know that we're all here on Vingle as otakus, but I think part of getting to know each other is sharing our other likes and stuff! So I hope you guys check out this music XD
@ButterflyBlu have you seen this??!! and @VinMcCarthy you sly serpent-fox at least we have the same taste in musics
Daaaaaamn it has been a minute since I've listened to Say Anything! And this front bottom business has a pretty rad sound. Actually it's quite lovely. @VinMcCarthy
thanks @Danse you should totally check them out. I know @paulisaghost is also a fan
I've never heard of them. I'll have to check out more of their music. I liked what I heard. Great share! <3
I was able to listen to them now since I have a days worth of breathing room! I love this.
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