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There's something about sitting at your desk at work, texting old friends, and not doing anything you are being paid to do (that's not what I was doing I swear, Rick, I'll have that report to you by Friday) and finding really cool things that make you feel things you're not used to feeling. These feelings include but are not limited to:
- Self Confidence - Happiness - That feeling that maybe you should be doing something better - Nostalgia - Sadness brought on by regret - False Hope
It was kind of fun watching this video over and over again mixed to a very atmospheric and emotional instrumental song by a band I don't really care about. And even though at some points the characters weren't literally flying there's something about seeing Computer Generated Human Bodies (technical term: CGHB) soar through the air or "fall-with-style" that -- for some reason -- gets me pumped.
I don't know what it actually was to be honest. But as I watched this video, I felt like that maybe I should do something better with myself. That I should go and experience something that I can't. That there is more to life than the screen I stare at and the controller my hands are glued to. I don't know. I wouldn't know.
I hope you find the video above as enjoyable and pleasurable as I did. I hope you pursue something worth pursuing. I hope you find joy and happiness in your life because living a life without it hurts. I hope you wake up every morning with a smile on your face. I hope you don't dread going to work. I hope you don't hate your boss (I hate you, Rick, you fucking asshole. What happened to you that made you into a piece of human hot garbage, you motherfucker).
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I love the caviat in the title "kind of" hahahah. Amazing. Just shows that no matter what kind of internet fodder we feed ourselves, nothing can compare to true happiness right? Whatever the hell that is.