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First as you guys know I flew to Maryland to begin my journey to BIGBANG on Thursday. On that sunday me and my friend started our drive to New Jersey! I was sooo excited , especially since my friend never listened to them before so I was excited to show her the group that means the world to me.
So we get to new jersey and head to the venue around 4 so we can wait in line for sound check and get our wristbands etc.We finally start going in for soundcheck and at this point im seriously beyond excited yet it still didnt feel real. We stood on the floor by the second stage as we waited for sound check to start. Taeyang who was The biggest sweetheart ever, was talking to us from back stage while he waited for the other guys to finish getting ready. even though we asked nicely for him to come out while we waited the amazing guy he is said "I cant go on without my brothers, They arent pros they need me. they arent professionals they are always late " so we waited while taeyang teased us from back stage. Then once they were ready and they were coming on stage I nearly died.
One by one I saw Taeyang , Top(my friend fell for him instantly) , Seungri , Daesung and then My eyes fell upon The love of my life and when I tell you it was seriously love at first sight, my heart sunk and I felt like I was dreaming , I was seeing Jiyongi right before my eyes and he was PERFECT!!!! For some odd reason I was really nervous and scared that he wouldn't be the same Jiyongi I loved but he was even more perfect in person!!They were all soo sweet they were talking to us thanking us for coming being the cutest little human beans ever.They sang for us then said goodbye so they could get ready for the show and I instantly started missing them(I apologize my camera sucks)
I tried to get video of soundcheck but my phone was being dumb and didnt record it but it was seriously the best thing ever!!!
They seriously all made me fall even more in love with them that night but GD....he seriously is my world and seeing him just confirmed all my feelings towards his amazing soul♥♡ but im exhausted so I'll do part 2 and share pictures and some videos from the concert tomorrow morning♡

(video sucks because I used a dinosaur phone and I apologize for the scream*headphone users beware* but look how close my Jiyongi was!!)

He is :) @Marilovexoxo
@Marilovexoxo That's so incredible!! I love the way you talk about GD because I talk about him in a similar way haha:)
YOU WERE SO CLOSE also Taeyang during sound check sounds beautiful hahahha
@ladygdragon lol thank you , Jiyongi is a beautiful life ruiner:)
@kpopandkimchi it was!!! Taeyang is seriously soo sweet and his voice live!! ugggh his voice was perfect