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All right Marvelers! It's time for another challenge!

Ladies Week has been awesome so far, let's keep that momentum going with another fun challenge! If you've been tagged in this card, it means that you've been challenged to create a card of your own (if you haven't done one yet, check out this guide)! What is this challenge about?

What woman (real or fictional) is YOUR hero?

Check out mine:

Gail Simone is my hero!

Unless you pay really close attention to the credits page on comics, you probably don't know Gail Simone very well. But you're probably very familiar with her work. Deadpool, Secret Six, Birds of Prey, Welcome to Tranquility, and Red Sonja have all grown due to her strength and dedication as a writer.

Of course, she's not *just* an amazing writer.

She's been brave enough to speak out against industry double standards time and time again. And it hasn't always worked in her favor- she was dismissed from writing Batgirl until fans demanded that she return. Being outspoken isn't always rewarded in the comics industry, but she does it because it's necessary.

Her characters are complex and compelling.

All of them. Male, female, genderfluid. Every character she writes has amazing depth. Kudos to this amazing woman for all of her work!
@shannonl5 My heroes are my grandmothers. My paternal grandmother was a saucy, independent Bostonian with an enormous heart. She was a sarcastic hippy Trekkie who wore a Pink Floyd inspired wedding dress to her second wedding. She believed strongly that everyone was equal and should be treated with respect. My Maternal grandmother has been a nurse for 57 years. She has brought life into this world (and not just her own 6 kids) and has comforted many as they passed on from this life. She does not turn away those in need. Although she is more reserved, she definitely has a strong will and can put a person in their place. (The first time I saw this was when my mother abandoned my 15 year old sister and moved out of state. YIKES!) I respect them so much, and strive to personify the best qualities of both of them.
@BeannachtOraibh they both sounds like completely amazing people!!! Definitely true heroes. ^_^
@shannonl5 everything you've said is inspiring in itself! Gail Simone is a hero, a true advocate for comic loving WOMEN!!!! :)~
@KaraHevner I love her work so much!!! I hope that she inspires even more amazing people to follow in her footsteps