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My Results of Monsta X Game!
Thanks @AimeeH for great game and introducing me to a new group! They are all so cute! I got J.M. a lot but he couldn't keep me in the end. Shownu saved my life and the only way I felt I could repay him is by marrying him XD
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@lovelikematoi no problem! thank you for participating!! I like it! And I just noticed my Typo! It's supposed to say I.M.... omg how did I not catch this!! /~\ Eep... Monsta X is great! WonHo is the bias!! I'm starting to put names on them now so even if others don't knwo them too well, can still play if they want to!! ^●^ I am so glad you like it!
@AimeeH yes I really do! I'm in love with their song "Rush"! They were so cool~ ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡ I haven't gotten a chance to check out any other songs yet but I will! and its okay nobody is perfect :)
@lovelikematoi Yes Rush is one of my favorites!! I sure hope you like them dear! ^●^ awe thank you!