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Current collection of MANGA and lovely new smells up to now. Going to buy One Piece 62-74/75 very soon and shelf will probably be full. Meaning time for shelf 2, then I want to get the current 10 volumes of the DB 3n1 volumes as well as death note box set, vampire knight box set, and so many more! My Manga NAKAMA let me know how your collections are going of what you are reading currently.
If this was all manga it would only be a part of my future dream room! Haha!! Collection and reading never ends!
Currently reading Fairy Tail vol 25 right now. I want to catch up on all the volumes so I can be ahead of the anime! Most of the manga I own I have already seen all of the anime besides monster musume I watched what's out now after, same as Terra Formars and melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya the manga goes past the anime which I think is cool I'm on a break right now on Haruhi on vol 12 of 20. Can't read too many manga at once or I start to get jumbled. I also like to draw, I've recently been sketching my favorite manga characters or scenes from anime or manga and hope to one day get much better and truly be an artist and future mangaka!
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thats cool at @LuffyNewman I have been collecting for like 3 years now and I have over 1,500 mangas
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@LuffyNewman what is your favorite manga/anime because im a writer and id be happy to write one for you any one you want just give me Character name and look and what kind of power/weapon you have or if your a kind of creature from it and this gose for everyone else who sees this to just message me on my profile or just say @LunaWolf in the comments
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@LunaWolf I'm actually currently in the process of writing 3 myself. Characters I have to get better at drawing but the writing comes a lot easier story wise. I love One piece bc it is ongoing and has yet to fail. I'm working and talking to a few other artists who are trying to start free lancing our work and then I still wanna finish my degrees for school as well. What manga have u published so far?
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@LunaWolf you should post a pic of all your manga that would be great to see.
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okay @LuffyNewman next time I get the chance and I havent published any myself yet
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