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NBC's Community was one of my all time favorite TV shows as it was airing. The first couple seasons will always be my favorite and I think the show started losing its fun-time-ness after Donald Glover had left the show.
But before then, he was one half of the show's greatest achievement: Best Friendship. Troy and Abed will always and forever be the best on-screen duo in my eyes because they really understand what's important in a best friendship. I've learned a lot about best friendship through these two and I hope I can teach you something about best friendship through them.


Everyone knows that one of the keys to a perfect best friendship is having a secret handshake. It doesn't even have to be that difficult. Sure, they have two different ones (the one above and the one above that) but that shows how much they care about nurturing their friendship. My best friend and I definitely have a secret handshake. I'd tell you what it was. But it's secret, stop bothering me.

Matching Costumes

I think another important thing about the beauty of best friendship is the times you get together and wear matching clothes. You probably won't want to do this if you were in one of those weird families where your mother would constantly make you wear a matching outfit with your brother even though you weren't twins. But when you want to dress up with your best bud, it'll be the greatest experience of your life. Even if the two of you are just wearing a white tee-shirt and blue jeans when you go out to a bar.

They Support Each Other

Now this is really important, maybe just as important as the secret handshake thing. It's important that you and your friend support each other the same way that Troy and Abed do. You can't think about yourself when your friend makes a decision to move to another state to pursue a career. You can't say, Hey man, when are we going to hang out again because sometimes hanging out isn't the productive decision.
You have to want them to want something better for themselves. Even if it means leaving the cast of Community, or going to school for a couple more years, or moving to another state to try your luck at your dream job (dinosaur trainer, it's real, look it up).
Oh man, I didn't think writing this would make me miss my actual best friend in the world. I mean, I know he's far off somewhere doing his own thing making his life better. But sometimes I wish we could go back to that Dunkin Donuts during the winter, where we'd spend hours and hours drinking coffee and chain smoking cigarettes.
We'd throw some jokes around. We'd shit-talk our town. We'd laugh and question our life decisions. We'd talk about anything and do whatever we wanted at any moment. But now we're older and it kind of sucks. We have responsibilities we wish we didn't have. We can't stay out late every night because we put some mileage on our bodies and it's starting to show.
Man, I miss that guy. Anyway! Troy and Abed are best friends that make me think of my best friend and I hope you have TV best friends that make you think of your real best friend.
They're one of my favorite onscreen "couples" :) hehehehe
I love Community! i think it's seriously smart and funny. Gotta love Donald Glover, he's a true talent!