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I've played video games since I was five. the first console I ever had was Nintendo 64. that thing was my baby untill I found a Gameboy color at a flee market with the games Tetris, Pokémon Blue version and Looney tunes. I still wish I had thoes (sigh) I miss the old days any way that's how I fell in love with video games of course I had a GameCube, Gameboy advance well I still have the game cube but any way the old stuff was the best BC it got me started now I'm mostly play my New 3dsxl and any game I can get my hand on right now I'm playing Pokémon X and Fire Emblem Awakening BTW can't wait to get the new one Fire Emblem . and of course I can't for get my Xbox, for Xbox 360 I'm playing the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and dark souls 1 and 2 I haven given my Xbox a lot of attention lately since I got my 3dsxl but hey I'm still a game freak and last but not least I have probly played every Zelda game literly it was like the first game I ever saw BC my grandfather was obsessed with it And he still is lmfao any way I hope you can welcome me with open arms my fellow game freaks........ maby I should get real friends after all your only 17 once lmfao
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