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"Hurt me! No! You may have caught me off guard once, but......not again!"

I've loved Rogue since I was a little girl. Maybe it was that we both had brown hair and heavy accents... or maybe it's because she's just that awesome.

"Watch your mouth and watch your back!"

Origins: She (Anna Marie) first appeared in 1981. She had a difficult time growing up- after her mother's disappearance she was raised by her strict grief-stricken aunt. Anna Marie ran away from home, which is where she got her nickname Rogue. Her mutant ability appeared when she first kissed her boyfriend; she almost killed him. Vulnerable and alone, Rogue was vulnerable to Mystique, who manipulated her into feeling angry and lashing out at the world. After absorbing the powers and memories of Carol Danvers, Rogue had a change of heart and joined the X-Men.
Powers: Though it is usually temporary, Rogue is able to absorb the powers, knowledge, physical abilities, memories, and personalities of others. She's also able to drain the life force of others.

"Krystal, I know what it's like to be different in a small town. How desperate the need to fit in is. I been there...but you can't beat yourself up like this. It gets better.."

Rogue is amazing because unlike a lot of heroes, we see her making mistakes. We see how vulnerable she is, and we also see her powerful. It all depends on the circumstances, and the choices we make. Nobody is all good or all bad, which is an important message for heroes to deliver.
She seems pretty cool!
Her powers are awesome....and I gotta say I always loved her 90's X-Men cartoon outfit
I love rogue! She's too real
love her
I didn't even need to read before hitting the love and clip buttons. I just love Rogue so much. My fave since I can remember.
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