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What's your favorite website for anime or manga? Personal is kissanime!
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@LuffyNewman omg I know right I pretty much do the same I am always look for new Anime and then I rewatch some of them.... I know right with out it I dk what to do.. Anime is my addiction lol.... lol if you do I'm tagging along with you then XD
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Haha. @ReynaWithLove yeah I'd have people that are allowed to come with. My NAKAMA! :) all come along in the journey to the anime world. I can only dream how amazing it will be. Haha. I'm going to figure something out. Even if it's being in an eternal dream and jump from anime to anime or the same one and a continuous adventure. Be gnarlier than having to work like this. But they get beat up pretty bad so I'd have to get used to taking a beating haha. So def invited to the anime is REAL life! Haha. Would never complain a day in my life. Just protect my NAKAMA with everything I've got!
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@LuffyNewman hahaha awesome...nakama for life 馃檶馃檶馃檶馃檶
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*Sings in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme* GO GO ANIMATION!!!!!!! DO DO DO DO!!!!!1
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