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So... I am trying to get into more kpop groups. I have recently fallen in love with BTS and Vixx. I am an Inspirit, IGot7, VIP, and F(x) fan.
I have heard some great stuff by BTS and Vixx but i know there is more to hear.
So here is my request. Please comment your favorite kpop songs, or just ones you like. Keep in mind that though I am spreading my wings, I dont listen to music with a bunch of swearing or vulgarity (for personal reasons). So extend a little grace and post your song ideas accordingly.
Omg how do I begin... VIXX: Sadder, more emotional songs: Eternity, I Don't Want to Be an Idol, Error Dance-y songs: GR8U, What to Do, Love Equation Feel-Good songs: From Now On You're Mine, Say U Say Me, Time Machine Sexier songs: On and On, Beautiful Killer, Light Up the Darkness, Only U
Taehyung: ohhhh i remember Me: i know it was one of your songs Taehyung: it was let me know Me: or was it hold me tight Taehyung: one of those
BTS -- "Spinebreaker" , "Hold Me Tight" , "Let Me Know" EXO -- "Moonlight" , "Call Me Baby" , "Baby Don't Cry" Winner -- "Different" VIXX -- "Error" , "Hyde" and all BAP songs 馃槃馃槃馃槃 If I repeated any songs (that other people have already mentioned) I apologize. These are just some of the songs I really like. 馃憤馃憤馃憤
Miwoo- Broken Doll Hyorin and Jooyoung- Erase Jooyoung- Call You Mine (it's a cover)
the first Kpop group I really got into was BTS and being the newly obsessed fan I was, made it my duty to hear ALL of there songs so I have made a YouTube playlist and it has almost all of their songs I know it doesn't have everyone but I good amount so you can look at it I you want to I figured it'd help ^^
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