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Natsu unable to beat Zerefs and avenge his father has to unleash a power greater than dragon force. So Lucy might die before his eyes to re-experience the pain of loss, gray will find out that end is natsu and so they will fight, but yeah I hope it doesn't end this way but... Natsu may die too idk. Thoughts?
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sorry for the ranting nature of that comment, I just have a lot of loose concepts about how this is gonna go down.
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@VinMcCarthy makes so much sense, but instead of sealing it, it would be cool of end became his dragon force, but then again being such a dark power it takes a really big toll on his body to the point of (almost) death
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Oh god please don't end like that. I would be a cool ending I guess
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well natsu needs to believe to himself like what the op says
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@margareteatatai this is one of them!
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