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Natsu unable to beat Zerefs and avenge his father has to unleash a power greater than dragon force. So Lucy might die before his eyes to re-experience the pain of loss, gray will find out that end is natsu and so they will fight, but yeah I hope it doesn't end this way but... Natsu may die too idk. Thoughts?
I agree with your point about Natsu being initially unable to defeat zeref. I think that he might have to experience significant loss in order for that to come out. though I don't think it's gonna be lucy- they kind of already did that and it would be lazy to do it again. I'm think Erza or Gray, or Happy. I think Gray will find out that Natsu is END and will try to fight him but after a brief fight will ultimately realize that it serves neither of them any purpose to fight, with zeref being the major issue. I think Natsu will end up eating acnologia's flames and enhancing his dark END powers to defeat zeref and mavis will come around to cleanse the darkness out of him, but maybe wind up having to seal his magic away or himself in his entirety.
Oh god please don't end like that. I would be a cool ending I guess
@VinMcCarthy makes so much sense, but instead of sealing it, it would be cool of end became his dragon force, but then again being such a dark power it takes a really big toll on his body to the point of (almost) death
sorry for the ranting nature of that comment, I just have a lot of loose concepts about how this is gonna go down.
@margareteatatai this is one of them!
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