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Let's keep the discussions going!

I'm really humbled by all of the amazing responses from the community this week. Since we've talked a bit about why representation is necessary, today's discussion topic is determining what "good" representation is. Here are a few things to consider:
What makes representation "good" or "bad"? Is it possible to do a disservice to one community while supporting another? How do we address complaints about "political correctness"? How can we, as fans, demand better?
In this video, Anita Sarkeesian talks about a positively represented video game character. Can you think of other exampled?

Leave your replies to the prompt below!

I don't think that this should really be that hard for Hollywood to figure out honestly.we as fans just want characters that we can relate to.which means having characters with a variety of different personalities and appearances.they need to start making characters that better represent their audiences. characters of different genders,races, backgrounds, etc.I think that they just need to start making an effort.
I think that the solution to any problem starts with what is clinically referred to as "internal monologue" - the voice inside our own minds... I prefer what is called "self-dialog" - an internal conversation one has with oneself where in an attempt to reach a truly objective viewpoint one examines their innermost thoughts and emotions through a question and answer process. If you cannot look inside your own mind - look at what is truly in your heart - and not only be honest with yourself about what your motivations are - but accept that if you find thoughts that make you feel bad about yourself - for example determining that you have engaged in some sort of "ism" behavior that you know recognize as wrong - you can't ever possibly expect to attempt to improve your behavior/actions. It's not about giving lip service and conversely it's not about abusing yourself or beating yourself down... it's about unadulterated honesty. Without honesty there can't be sincerity. Without sincerity there can't be healing. The solution to EVERY problem facing the human race where our more base/animal behavior (fear, hate, violence, desire for revenge, power, control) - can be found inside of our own minds. Logic and reason are the tools that can be used to short circuit fearful, impulsive, dangerous, or harmful behaviors. How many times have you seen movies where characters are told "don't panic! If you find yourself in this situation remember your training!" And sure enough some of them totally loose their shit and end up dead or worse, getting those around them killed. It's an extreme example but it cuts to the heart of the challenges facing our species. We spend (we - meaning in general but not necessarily specifically) so much energy and waste so many resources - time being the most precious in my opinion - fighting among ourselves instead of putting our differences aside and working together for the betterment of not only our own species - but every other species on this planet. Things will get better when enough people start looking inside their own minds with honesty and a sincere desire to become better people. I like it when people can accept sincere criticism and not be defensive - but listen respectfully, even if they disagree. But understanding WHY they may or may not disagree is vital. We all need to spend a little more time inside our own minds figuring ourselves out and less time worrying about what other people are thinking. And we should never be afraid or ashamed to stand up for what we believe in. And we certainly should never hesitate to come to the aid or defense of anyone we see being treated in a way that we feel is unacceptable. In my opinion... this is a great place for all of us to start.
I think that dragon age inquisition is one of the first to give good female representation... as the main character you can choose your gender and develop your character however you want. It gives you the option to be almost every sexual orientation as well. Other than that most female characters are not worth playing since they are usually in some form of "women in games" gender box. Not once is it a surprise that you are a woman, but one of the other female characters expresses how proud she is that a woman is the inquisitor. you can take that however you would like but I chose to be like " Hell yeah, girl power."