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Sometimes, you just don't have time to squeeze in a 24 minute episode when you're running between classes, taking lunch at work, or just relaxing a little bit before bed!

You can try one of these anime instead!

Each episode is under 10 minutes so you can squeeze in some anime time no matter what your schedule is!

1. Aiura

Episode Length: 4 mins
Real Length: 2.5 mins (op/ed are pretty long)
# of Episodes: 12
*Slice of life*
Basically, it's a slice of life show about 3 girls who just started high school. Not much really happens, but there's some comedy, the tiniest touch of romance, and it's generally a fun watch! I really like the art style of this one. You can still get a good idea of the characters' moods and personalities, as well as their relationships with one another.

2. Recorder and Randsell

Episode Length: 3 mins
# of Episodes: 2 seasons, 12 eps each
*comedy/slice of life*
Any anime, regardless of how short it is, that starts with a recorder solo is my kind of anime.
This anime is about a boy who's body looks like he's an adult, but he's really only a 5th grader. His older sister is a high school student who has the body of an elementary school student! Atsushi is basically "grown man" in grade school? Also acting like a kid? Because he is a kid?
So many of the jokes are a little on the weird side (like when he gets arrested for being suspicious walking with his 5th grade crush in the first episode XD) but it's good!

3. Inferno Cop

Episode Length: <3 mins
# of Episodes: 14 episodes
The show's description: "Inferno Cop vs. THE WORLD. The unholy officer's flame of justice burns!" The animation is nonexistent and the story is a mess, but that's sort of the charm of this thing. It is full of references to many other things conceived in pop culture.
If you liked Boondock Saints, I think you'll like this, but I'll start by admitting that this REALLY isn't my style of anime, hahaha, but it's highly rated just for its pure....idk. Inferno Cop-ness. You'll either love it or hate it.
If you enjoy purely humorous anime, you'll love this! It serves no point but to be funny and to make you go "what is life." Basically, it's an acquired taste of terrible, terrible humor.

4. Chi's Sweet Home

Episode Length: 3 mins
# of Episodes: 104 episodes
*slide of life....of a kitten's life*
Here's the outline: kitten loses mom + kitten siblings. Kitten is sad about this. Kitten gets adopted. Family can't keep here so they try to find her a home. Kitten still wants to go home.
I haven't watched all of these, but they're all adorable so far! There's just something insanely relaxing about watching 3 minutes of little Chi. When I'm having a bad day, a few episodes of Chi will instantly cheer me up and make me stop worrying so much over the little things. The animation is simple and colorful, and since there are 100+ episodes, you do gain more insight into the family over time!

5. Miss Monochrome

Episode Length: 4 mins
# of Episodes: 2 seasons of 13 epis each, season 3 ongoing Fall 2015
I like anything idol anime so you know I love this!!!! I'm so excited there's a third season, though I haven't started watching it just yet. With the shorter episodes, I like to marathon them between assignments on really stressful days haha.
Miss Monochrome (she's an android and idol) and decides that she should become a top idol singer! It's not that simple, though, so this follows her journey, troubles, personal changes, etc. etc. I won't say more than that ^^

BONUS: JK! Meshi!

I already wrote about JK! Meshi the other day so you can read about it over here, but it's a cute, ongoing Fall 2015 anime thats under 4 minutes and teaches you a cute recipe! Try it out :)
There's SO many more of these short anime. If there are people who want to hear about more of these, I can make a collection or more cards about short episode anime for people to reference ^^ Let me know if you'd be into that!

Do you guys prefer long or short episodes?

long episodes, long anime
@S92pk @SeintoSeiya I'm actually usually the same way, but ever since I graduated college and felt busier I tried short too lol
full legnth eps
@WiviDemol are there any you've been watching?
@RosePark I've noticed that as well and heard it is related to funding within the industry but I don't pay much attention to the industry side of things so i'm not really familiar with the details.
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