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@AimeeH Childhood Friend: Minhyuk Crush: JooHeon Secret Admirer: Minhyuk First Kiss: Kihyun Saves Me: Minhyuk Boyfriend: ShowNu Jealous One: WonHo Protective One: I.M Introduces To Family: I.M. Husband: ShowNu
"Thank you Minhyuk." I rested my chin on my best friends shoulder. "No thank you. I would've killed him otherwise." He shifted his arms under my legs, bouncing me a little. "You didn't have to hit Kihyun so hard, it was just a kiss." I knocked my head against his, puffing air across his ear. His shutter didn't go unnoticed. "It was your first kiss Emmy. I thought you wanted Jooheon to be your first kiss." Minhyuk turned left, heading down the street. Being neighbors with him all my life had perks, one being the great friendship we had. "I like Jooheon but it's just a small crush and he doesn't like me back, I'll get over it." Pressing my nose to his neck, trying to warm my face and shield it against the cold November air. "Yah! Then you should've let me be your first kiss, I've known you the longest." As Minhyuk spoke, his neck warmed against my skin. He was blushing and I smiled to myself. I stayed silent, enjoying the sounds of our neighborhood. A dog barked in the distance and as we passed by a house, there was loud laughter. There was life here, people moving on in their own lives and dealing with things far different than that of our high school problems. Minhyuk was warm, almost radiating heat and I felt it even through his thick coat. My hands played with the top of his shirt, fingers brushing his skim every now and again. "Emmy? We're here." I groaned into his neck, not wanting to separate from his warmth. "Em, put your code in." Minhyuk leaned to the side, allowing me to press in the code for my front gate. We were one of the few houses that had newer security systems in this neighborhood. Since the rise in crime in a nearby area, my father wanted to update everything. He felt the need to protect his daughters even more. "Thank you Minnie." Pressing a kiss to his cheek after being set down, I raced inside before he could say anything back. He wasn't to keen on real skinship even between us and it made me giggle.
It'd been about a week after the kiss with Kihyun and Minhyuk beat him senseless. Since that day, I'd been receiving flowers at the gate every morning, a letter of good luck in my day attatched. Kihyun had been messaging me, apologizing and wanting to meet up. I could only guess the flowers were from him, he only lived a few blocks over. "Em, can you get the paper for me?" My dad came sluggishly down the stairs. He'd woken up late and had probably had a late night at the office to begin with. "Yeah. Here, coffee." It was way to early to be awake but we had something early for school today. Handing him the cup of fresh coffee, the perfect amount of sugar and creamer swirling around, not yet mixed. "You didn't mix it?" My father seemed slightly taken aback by the lack of perfect coffee. "It'll give you something to concentrate on and wake up. I'll be right back." I skipped down the half step, sliding on my outdoor slippers. Grabbing up my father's oversize coat from the peg, I pulled the front door open and let the cold morning air in. It was freezing outside, the wind wiping up as I waddle down the path and hopping down the few steps to the gate. Before I opened the small door, there was a shuffling and crinkle of plastic outside. Quickly flinging open the door, the person fell. "Minhyuk?" I stared down at my best friend, a bouquet of flowers in his hand. "What are you doing?" "I was just...you see...I, um..." Minhyuk was blushing, stuttering over his words as he collected himself from the fall. "Are you the one leaving flowers everyday?" I bit my lip, watching as Minhyuk tried to find the words. Suddenly he cleared his throat and stared at me in such a serious way. "I have been the one leaving them. It's because-
"Emmy! Yah! It's cold, put a damn coat on!" I.M was running after me on the dark street. He'd caught me walking out of the café with no coat and it was mid December. "I don't have one." He'd caught me, latching onto my arm. His hand was warm on my bare arm. "I just have to catch a bus and then it's only a few blocks to my house. Its totally fine I.M." "It's not okay Emmy. Look my parent's house is around the corner, come in and warm up? I'll find you an extra jacket." His pleading face had me agreeing and then he'd taken the fluffy jacket off, wrapping it around me. "I.M it's okay. I'm not cold." I tried giving his jacket back but to no avail. "You're like ice." His arm slipped under the jacket, locking around my waist and guiding me towards his parents home. When we reached the gate, I.M unlocked it and allowed me to enter first. He didn't even knock, opening the door and walking right in. Kicking my shoes off, I followed him further into the house. "Wait here?" I nodded and I.M was gone a second later. The house was silent, aside from the normal creaking here and there. I didn't even hear I.M anymore, his footsteps long gone. "Oh my, who are you?" The voice caught me off guard and I spun to face it. "I'm sorry. I.M brought me here." I bowed, embarrassed to even be here. "Mom! There you are." I.M came bounding down the hallway "This is Emmy, she's the one that's dating ShowNu. Emmy, this is my mom." "I've heard quite a bit about you. Seems you haven't got a brain in that head." His mother laughed and my cheeks flushed. "She really doesn't have a brain." I.M tossed a jacket at me. "Like an annoying little sister who forgets everything." "And you're the crappy over protective older brother." Sticking my tongue out at him, I pulled on the jacket. "Are you walking me home dear protective brother?" "Watch it." I.M shook his fist at me before laughing and tossing an arm over my shoulder ",ShowNu would kill me if I let you walk home alone."
I was laid out on the floor, trying my best to cool off. It was so unbearable hot today and the a/c had been busted for a week. Staring at my phone for millionth time in a hour, I made my first decision of the day. Catching a crowded bus, I headed for the one place I knew had both entertainment and a/c. I flapped my tank top, trying my best to get cool. Nothing was helping at this point and I felt like I was melting. "Afternoon Emmy." The security guard greeted me when I reached my destination. "Afternoon. The boys in?" When he nodded, I thanked him and rushed inside. Passing by a few of the employees and wandering the halls for a bit, I found the room I was looking for. There was music faintly coming from it, the soundproof walls taking away nearly all of the noise. I smiled to myself as the door cracked opened enough for me to peak in. There they were, my group of boys. I'd known nearly all of them at some point in my life and here I was watching them practice. It didn't take long for me to be discovered. A certain black haired boy catching my eye in the mirror and waving me im. "Jagiya!" When the music finally stopped, he rushed over and enveloped me in a hug. "Afternoon to you too ShowNu." I grin when he kissed my temple and one of the other made a gagging noise. "Because that's really needed WonHo." "He's just jealous he can't find a wife as good as you." ShowNu moved to stand behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist and rocking. "Who wants a wife that can't even cook?" WonHo snickered when I flippes him the bird. "Yah! Emmy can cook the best ramen!" I.M piped up from the otherside of the room and I wanted to throw something at him. He was grinning when I shot him a look. "Stop picking on my wife." He kissed my neck "I like your ramen." "How are you wearing sweats? It's hot as hell outside." I was trying to move the conversation along, not wanting to talk about my lack of cooking skills.
And that's it. How was it this time?
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@Emealia Well then dear I approve of your cards!! Yess! I'm really enjoying them!!
@AimeeH Thank you so much for makimg these games ^°^ I've been able to write my stories again with these small creative outlets
Good job! I liked it a lot!
@Emealia Awe no problem at all dear!! I enjoy making them and doing story time, as well as reading everyone's. Especially yours! I am so glad you are able to write stories again!! Anything I can do to help, I will ^●^
wow we ended up with the same husband! lol