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Sunny is one of my all-time favorite Korean movies and should honestly be at the top of everyone's watch list.
It's currently streaming on Netflix :D
Sunny centers around a group of girls in the 80s, and the women they became in the present.
The film starts with the main character, Na-mi, living out her life as a wealthy housewife with sort of a lame family situation. A coincidence leads her to run into her old best friend and leader of her friend group, Chun-hwa.
Chun-hwa is sick, very sick, and her wish is to have the gang back together again one more time.
That becomes Na-mi's mission, and we're taken on a series of flashbacks and middle-aged women adventures that are too hilarious to be real.
In the 80s, Na-mi is new to town and is adopted by the craziest, but also the most awesome, girls at school. They form a "gang" called Sunny and are practically inseparable.
They get in the most ridiculous situations, which are paired with the military rule and political turmoil of the 80s in South Korea. The situations get even more ridiculous once they are middle aged women with disposable incomes (fighting bullies that torment Na-mi's daughter, etc)
If the final scene doesn't make you sob like a baby, I don't know what will.

Favorite character?

The grandma for sure. No, these aren't fake subs ;D
Anyway, its the kind of movie that makes you laugh, sob, and want to be a teenager again. Please do yourself a favor and watch it ASAP!

8.5/10 from me!

Watch the trailer here:
I need to watch this it looks soo good!
This looks amazing! I'm adding to my queue on Netflix for sure!
I didn't know this was on Netflix, I always watch it on Hulu
Found another Sunny fan! @divanicola05
saw it. loved it.
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