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12 Pusheen Gifs That'll Brighten Your Day!


This little kitty cat is like us in so many ways. Let's see the top 10 times Pusheen became our adorable little online spirit animal.

"Dancing Queen" Pusheen


"Our perfect weekend" Pusheen

"Look at me I'm riding a Fat Pony" Pusheen

"Look at me, I can play guitar" Pusheen

"Gangnam Style" Pusheen

"You after college" Pusheen

The struggle is real.

"Get the hell out of the sink" Pusheen

This is my cat Miss.Tuffsey's spirit Gif.

"Look at me I'm Lady Gaga" Pusheen

"Look at me I'm riding a Fat Giraffe, not a Fat Pony" Pusheen

Everything is a form of transportation if you try hard enough.
And of course, just in time for Halloween:

"I"m a Ghostie!" Pusheen

Which Pusheen gif is your favorite? I think mine's the one with the guitar, or Fat Pony. It's too hard to choose! XD

Have a good day everyone!
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