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Did you know that Toy Story contains a powerful message about narcissism? I will never look at Toy Story the same again as well as many things I will never look at the same again after having loved and been abused by a narcissist. Toy Story relates to narcissism in more than one way. Right now, im going to talk about how Buzz thought he was a real space ranger. When he saw the commercial on tv, he knew he was only a toy. But to be sure, he tried to fly and had a crash landing. Then he lost his mind from the trauma of the disappointment. He began saying, "i am Mrs. Nesbet!" Anyway, Woody was able to convince him that being a toy was awesome and he should be happy. How does this relate to a narcissist? The narcissist thinks more highly of himself than he should and believes that he is superior to and more important than others. In other words, He thinks he is a real space ranger, or like a god to be worshipped. He needs to see that commercial that shows that he is just like the rest of us. And then he needs to learn that there is nothing wrong with that. He lacks empathy because he sees others as inferior and only usful for building him up. He just needs to come down to earth. But unlike Buzz light year, he will never do that. Also note that Buzz was not a pathological narcissist. He just really didnt know he was only a toy. A narcissist knows that he is fake but he accepts it as his reality because it is his childish coping machanism.
Very interesting :) I like this
@MelissaMae hahah your feeling was right, because I enjoyed it too!! :D You have really good insights about psychology. Are you a psych major??
i did. i kind of had a feeling that people would like this one. ☺
You should put this in the Love & Relationships and Self-Improvement communities! This is really, really interesting.
@shannon15 yw 😃
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