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These songs ARE THE BEST for when you're trying to swoon someone, dance, or just want to enjoy romantic beats. Some of these songs are oldies, but will always be awesome. Almost every weekend I went out bachata dancing, it was some of the best times of my life! Bachata definitely touches the heart like no other genre of music can. Oh, and if you can dance bachata -- you're set in love. It's one of the most romantic and sensual music genres!

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - Leslie Grace

Corazon Sin Cara - Prince Royce

Niña De Mi Corazon - Karlos Rosé

La Diabla/Mi Santana ft. Tomatito - Romeo Santos

Darte Un Beso - Prince Royce

Obsession - Aventura

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We all need to dance bachata together haha @EddiePozo @Allischaaff
@Allischaaff bachata is popular in France???
Prince Royce is absolutely brilliant. I am in love with his voice!
He's bae lol @TessStevens
@alywoah @allischaaff lol I don't think three good looking peeps should be in the same room. People may get intimidated