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Hello fellow Vinglers!

I've been thinking about having a small little drama discussing session for those of us who like dramas but are also busy with our regulars. A few of us are starting witb Sensory Couple (Girl Who Can See Smells). We will watch 2 episodes a week and comment in the discussion card. If you're interested, please comment below and let me know. If you're not interested in Sensory Couple and would rather do another drama instead then let me know that as well. We could do that one as well, either now or later. Feel free to tag your friends and anybody else you think may be interested in the comments as well.
I've already watched it but I'd totally be down to talk about it!!! I SWEAR I WOJT SPOIL ANYTHING
Tag me! 😍😍😍
@BriannaEugene Yes. Dramafever works on Samsung. :-D I have a Note4 and I use the Dramafever app. I use Viki too.
this sounds interesting ill try to watch it i need a new show to watch anyway
oooooo im up for this
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