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Yesterday I was tagged by @kpopandkimchi to make a card about my favorite leading main actress. Check out her card and explanation about this challenge *here*. If you like K-dramas I invite you all to participate and make your own card! As you can see I couldn't just choose one favorite main actress, so I narrowed it down to my main two but I have a few more favorites.

Park Shin Hye

She's such a great actress and has acted in many dramas. I liked her in Heartstrings, Flower Boy Next Door, Heirs, and Pinocchio.

Lee Yoo Ri

She normally doesn't play leading roles but in Super Daddy Yeol I loved her so much!! Her acting skills are totally amazing! If you plan on watching this drama let me warn you you'll need tissues right next to you.

Reason 1 Why I Love Her

Even with her busy schedule as a surgeon doctor she raised her daughter on her own, always tries her best to make time for her, and has so much love towards her daughter in which she is willing to give her life for.

Reason 2

Warning!! Don't let her sweet looks fool you! If you mistreat her you'll be sorry! You deserve that pervert!!

Reason 3

Her wild side also comes out when you mess with her daughter or loved ones so watch what you do or say. Sometimes Psycho is good when you defend what you most love in this world.

Don't say dumb thing because you'll truly get it!

Funny Faces But You Can Still See The Pain in Her Eyes 💔 *heartbreaking*

Reason 4

Sometimes things happen in life and no matter how strong you are they always make you break out into tears. & she played this role very good that it left me crying non-stop.
Now it's you're turn to make your own and show off that Lady Leading Actress that you most like! ^.^
WHOA! She is so pretty!!! I really want to watch that drama now hahah she seems hilarious
@kpopandkimchi She is isn't she!! :O You should it's a memorable and really meaningful drama! :)