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Remember when you were in High School/College you would sit in front of your television one night a week and watch seven strangers live in a city together. You'd watch them love each other for a time, then hate each other for a different time, then love each other again until finally they cry because it's time to say goodbye.
Yes, I'm talking about The Real World and recently, it was announced that the series has been renewed for another season. And it's really interesting the way that MTV announced this. Instead of, maybe, continuing the lie the tell themselves and say this is a great thing because people from different walks of life will get to interact with each other, they remind us why we watch this show in the first place.
It isn't for the poorly edited storylines. It's to watch people party, get drunk, and hook up.
That's something about American culture I never understood. And I'm saying this as an American person who was born and raised here. I must have missed a memo or maybe the meaning behind all of this has flown over my head. I get that "sex sells" but I don't get why we -- we, as in young-people, millennials, assholes -- put so much value in Party Culture.
If you aren't in a club, dry-fucking some stranger in a dimly-lit room, you're not living. If you aren't drinking with a large group of people, or trying to flirt with a person, you aren't living. If you aren't trying to skinny-dip or hang out in a Jacuzzi, you aren't living.
Here's the best part. You're reading this, thinking you're above it. You're thinking that you don't value these things. You're sitting in your office or bedroom thinking that you are above the club-life. But I've seen you. I know you. You're out there every weekend. You're drinking just as much as the fucking assholes you watch on television.
You say, "I don't watch television because it's all stupid reality-show bullshit" and I say, "Why do you need to watch reality-show bullshit when you are living it. You are living it."
I'm not passing judgment on you. Don't worry. Because I am a part of this problem, too. Just in case you aren't listening or you're too busy feeling like I am wrong because you do think of yourself as an intelligent being and not some human-heat-hungry gremlin, I'll type it again, but bigger.

I am a part of this problem, too.

It isn't our fault, is it? Has any of this been our fault? No. It's the media that failed us. Our parents, our generation has been failed. We spent countless hours in front of a television screen watching twenty-somethings do stupid, dumb, and unintelligent things while we were teens. This was marketed to us as "fun".
This can't be our fault, can it? Can't we just find another entity to blame for our recklessness/version of fun? I don't know. I honestly, truly, don't. Maybe instead of trying to find someone or something to blame we should take on full accountability.
But who am I kidding? I know this weekend, I am going to walk into a bar and talk to a stranger. An attractive stranger that thinks of me as an attractive stranger. I am not going to value them by their conversation or their thoughts. But by how much they could drink and the stories they could tell me from the times they spent in college. I will look them in the eyes and ask them to come home with me. I will remember how I was raised on The Real World and Party Culture. I will remember that this is what I "want".
I will remember that if I am not dry-fucking someone in this bar to shitty music, I am not alive. I will remember that if I am not drinking and flirting with someone, I am not alive. I will remember if I do not ask this person to come home with me and upgrade to wet-fucking, I am not alive.
This poses a really good question as to the societal implication of these kinds of shows. Like what the fuck standard are we setting for younger generations and those that surround us. What kind of wooden legacy will we leave behind. This was a great read...really got me thinking.
It's so terrible, but I am addicted to reality shows -- even 'The Real Life' even though I know it's pure bullshit and it isn't as 'real' as its title might suggest. I watch it like it's a novela, I guess. Lol. I don't want to live that lifestyle, nor do I don't, but it's mind-numbing entertainment that I like to watch.
nor do I actually live it*
Wow, this card really made me think. I definitely try to drown out my weekday stresses by getting lost in club culture, partying, and hookups. It's just a coping mechanism I've developed, I guess. But it's nothing I came up with; you're exactly right, I learned from the media first that this was something that's supposed to be fulfilling. It's weird. We all think we're so unique, but on some level we're always doing what society tells us we're supposed to do.
I know I live this life, or try to. I know I'm part of the 'problem'. But to me it's not a problem. it's the only way I can drown out the mudane, inevitable crawl to death. I'm not profound and never will be. I can be fucked up, with other people who are fucked up. That's who I am. That's who I will always be.
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