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Imagine coming home, putting your keys on the counter and heading to the fridge to get a cold glass of water after a long day at work. You're just hanging out, you know...getting ready to some TV.

And you feel something watching you.

You look up at the cabinet above the fridge and notice, the singularly most horrifying stare on the planet. Beaming down on you.

It's pure evil.

"How did she get up there?" You think, as you back away slowly.

She must be the devil.

She continues to stare at you as you put down your glass of water and exit the room.

You're now too scared to be in your own home, so you speed away, hoping that she will be gone before you return. Back to hell...where she came from.

Goodbye Miss.Tuffsey, and may God have mercy on you.

You can see more of this terrifying beast on these cards:

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@allischaaff I shall give her your regards XD ahahah
that is hilarious!
you should write about your dog @GingerMJones haha at least I imagine your prof pic is your dog, yes?
@tessstevens yes he is...