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A Harley Quinn x Poison Ivy fanfiction

Word count: 647
Rating: Mature, PG-13
Summary: Harley and Ivy are more than friends. They're criminal masterminds.
Content warnings for: Violence (guns, blood), adult situations (implied sex), mentions of past drug use and mental illness, mentions of past abuse/domestic violence.
The fun thing about stealing from criminals is: You get to feel like Robin Hood AND you get to keep whatever you steal. It's like having your cake and eating it too.
Ivy's always suspected she had this in her, this sense of adventure. It comes with the territory of being an evil genius. But she never would have envisioned herself doing, well.... this.
"You sure Harley?"
Harley turned around and grinned at her.
"Nope! That's half the fun."
Harley cackled, setting off the first string of dynamite and running. Shaking her head, Ivy ran after her. They headed for the warehouse where they knew the valuable data was being stored. Several thousand gigabytes of banking records for the mob, stored in secure servers on the south side of town. With that information, they could live like kings on the dime of Gotham's meanest crime lords. Not bad for a day's work. Harley reached the door, and Ivy wasn't far behind. She kept watch while Harley broke the lock; Ivy used one of her plants to throttle the lone gunman guarding the door. He crumbled and fell making a wet choking noise. His gun clattered to the ground. Ivy snatched it up.
"For you baby."
Snapping the lock, Harley grinned.
"Aw, you shouldn't have. What'll I ever get you?" She opened the door, and Ivy peered over her shoulder.
"Well, several billion dollars might be a good start."
Harley leaned in and kissed her cheek.
"Lucky me, I think I have a few lying around."
Ivy released some of her toxic gas (she'd given Harley a vaccine to make her immune ages ago), knocking out any guards that might be inside. Harley began fiddling with the various objects in the room, crates and containers, while Ivy took the lead on downloading the information they came for. It was a simple program to run, shouldn't take more than a few minutes. As Ivy entered the last process, she heard a gasp.
The other woman was standing behind one of the crates, only her upper half was visible to Ivy, and she seemed paralyzed.
"Harl?" Ivy whispered. "Babe, what's wrong?" She stepped around the crate and looked down. There had been a guard after all. He was dead, his skin going pale in the aftermath of the toxic gas.
"You know this guy?"
Harley nodded.
"He was." She shook her head. "He's nobody now."
Ivy rubbed Harley's shoulder. "Was he somebody before?"
Harley shrugged, clearly trying to keep her emotions in check.
"He was. I knew him, when I was no good. You know when I, when I left... he didn't leave me with anything, you know? Just a coupla' broken bones. And I wasn't doing too good..." Harley shuddered.
"Hey. You don't have to tell me. It's all right."
Harley shook her head.
"No. It's. Like I said, he was nobody. He said he could fix me in the head is all. Gave me some stuff. And it was good for a while. Made me feel great, like everything was fine. Except it wasn't. And the next times, it didn't work as good. And I ended up owing him a lot of money." Harley laughed. "I guess the joke's on him now, isn't it?"
Ivy smiled, giving Harley a hug.
"You bet it is."
Harley tossed herself down on their shared bed, snuggling into the plush cushions. She grinned up at Ivy.
"You gonna join me?"
Ivy smiled.
"Just admiring the view."
Harley giggled.
"You can admire it better from down here."
Ivy leaned over her, bending in close for a deep kiss.
"Mmm, you're right." Ivy looked into her eyes. "I could eat you up. You're so beautiful."
Harley snickered.
"Stop with the flattery red, you're making me blush."
The fun thing about dating Harley is: It's just like having your cake and eating it too.
@MichelleIbarra I am so so so sorry this took me so long!!! I ended up doing two of my favorite DC villains ^_^
-claps- wow I loved it especially since I love those two they make the perfect crime -sighs as I make googly eyes- I love this to (*´∇`*)
Thanks, @Jelloston! @shannonl5 wonderful, as always. Great job!
I think this is amazing!!
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