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Are you one of the millions of twenty-somethings that live in an apartment? Maybe you're still a college student and living in a dorm on campus or spending summer camp on the bottom bunk? Well, chances are you've dealt with them - the ominous Upstairs Neighbor.
This specimen, known for its abnormal loudness, is far more common than you think. Curious to know more about them? I'm here to teach you all about the stranger behind the sounds - some 100% true (sort of) scientific facts.

The Upstairs Neighbor loves to bowl - particularly in the living room so expertly built right over your bedroom.

The Upstairs Neighbor can be identified by their footwear - usually made out of cinderblock, cement, or chunks of asphalt.

When bowling gets dull, the Upstairs Neighbor loves dragging furniture across the floor. It's just a great upper body workout.

And when entertaining guests, the average Upstairs Neighbor's conversation goes a little something like this.

Cue to three hours later when the Upstairs Neighbor promptly murders their guest with a rusty hatchet.

This is when the Upstairs Neighbor celebrates by dancing to their favorite 3 AM disco song.

If they have a dog, Rover just might join in too - but only after barking for a good half hour.

So you call the cops, but it turns out they appreciate a good 'buttcrack of dawn' dance party too.

Eventually, everyone passes out. Even your Upstairs Neighbor.

But don't worry. Without fail, they'll be at it again the next day - just as you're getting home from the office.

I hope you learned a lot about the person who lives upstairs. If this sounds like YOUR upstairs neighbor, I'd love to know!

@jannatd93 sounds like me and my brothers. Thank God I live where I do... And they Don't live with me. Haha!
Although I gotta admit, if I was an upstairs neighbor I would be the worst case scenario! Me and my siblings are so noisy, we talk loudly, laugh loudly, argue loudly, play music 24/7, it would be hell. BUT... we happen to be living in lowest level practically shoved halfway underground... soo i won't be too hard on myself this time :P
HAHAHAHAHA Thats totally my upstairs neighbor!!! LOL I could swear my neighbor wears those asphalt bricks for slippers, and asks guest to just thump around! Now I know all her secrets xD The worst thing is that they've decided to move around furniture at 5 friggin AM which was LITERALLY when I was just about to fall asleep! And let's not forget the awkward and obnoxiously loud funkytime they have with their bf/gf 😭😑
Oops, and don't get me started on how many people in this building own the smallest yapping dust-mop of a dog on this planet! Every noise sends them into a screeching-bark frenzy. O_O
@danidee @ButterflyBlue I'm on the middle floor, so I have someone below me and above me. I swear on my life the upstairs apartment is cursed. Whoever moves in there is automatically turned into the most annoying bastards known to man. We've had 4 couples move in and out of that place in the last 3 years. It's been ridiculous. They fight, move furniture (Furniture Rodeo ass we call it...), slam stuff, yell and scream (Ah...the joys of relationships), walk in concrete shoes(Heels ladies, take them OFF when you are home, jesus) and have their music up at all hours of the day. It's a nightmare. They're lucky I don't sleep normally or I'd really be sticking my foot in someone's butt.
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