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well im up to ep 14 ~ havent watched it yet! but from the start of the drama till now, i really that she is really hurted Dok Mi alot, but she just didn't realize how much she really hurt Dok Mi. but even so, i think it was so sad, and even worse for her to want to make up with Dok Mi after all these years, so that she could just be closer to that Rich drawing dude.I think that was want that made it worse,,,,,,like when she was confessing she was like " i didnt spread all those other bad rumors about you,but you could have told people that it was a lie, that it wasnt true!!" i think she at that time/ maybe still now she didnt realize that what she did was actually wrong, because she knew the truth she really should have told people( even thought they were not friends anymore) that it was a lie~! but she didnt she blamed Dok mi for not telling people the truth, that it was a lie! arrr,,,,, and dont get me started on her bringing that teacher dude!
she's simply annoying
! i know! i hated that she said that she "needed more that her" that "she wasnt enough" So Flippin mean!!!! arrr! ))):
i think the same too she is the right example of the worse friend ever ..for me i pity such people who lie and hurt people and the do such a thing cause they have a feeling of inferiority thats why they r trying to prove to other people that they r better than them by having a good clothes and money and such things due to that illness thats why they use a pathetic ways to be better than other and this illness is a result of bad treatment to those people in their childhood or jealous and such a people very pity one..that what i think her personality is .