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Hello and welcome sports fans!

I'm Michael (or Mike, whatever floats your boat) and I'm the Sports community moderator! I've noticed a lot of new Vinglers in the sports community and just wanted to reach out and welcome you all to the community!

I love to watch sports because...

- Exciting Moments -

Tiger Wood's "The Shot"

- Good Food and Drinks -

Hot dogs and beer at a ballgame go together like a horse and carriage.

- Cheerleaders -

Just kidding. But actually.

I am always willing to talk sports with you guys, so hit me up any time!

Well I want to welcome you guys once more and I also want to learn more about you guys!'d be great if you guys could tell me your favorite sports and teams in the comments section below!

And then I will decide whether we can become friends or not!
@gatorchick96 Nice! Another Steelers fan on Vingle! @TravisBeck @BrookieyElba Here's another Steelers fan on Vingle!
What you got on some stick ball?
@mchlyang Nothing. I got a notification earlier saying my name was mentioned in a comment but it wasn't. I checked 5 times.
@YoGirlXsCalibur Hahaha whats up!
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