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All right Marvelers, I believe in you!

You all know about the super-cool giveaway happening in the community this month. And the winner will be chosen from the group with the most V Points at the end of the month!!! Because we're awesome like that.

Wanna know how to get V Points?

Of course you do! It's super easy, and there are a few ways to increase your chances. I can tell you're excited so here we go...

Get likes on your comments!

Leaving a really nice comment on someone's Marvel card is a great way to get V Points! It will make someone's day, and people are definitely going to like that!

Create a really cool card!

The more you give to the Marvel community, the more it will give back! Prompting an interesting discussion, sharing an amazing piece of fanart or a trailer you enjoyed, even asking the community for feedback will prompt people to like and clip your cards.

Curating a super collection!

Your collections aren't just for saving things, they're to help the community! Creating a collection of cool Marvel stuff that people want to follow will help you get more points.

This is so exciting!

Hang tight: There is a way to lose V Points. If you spam the community with irrelevant content, users will report your cards and they will be taken out. So please, save your pumpkin spice lattes for the Starbucks community.

We got this Marvelers!!!

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may the count down begin lol @shannonl5 .....11 days to go !!
2 years agoReply
I don't know what V points are, much less how to earn any 馃槓
2 years agoReply
@Marichel TEN DAYS AAAAA @Matokokepa I thought a few people might be feeling the same way, that's why I made this card! It's how vingle is tracking the giveaway. You get v points when people like your comments, like/clip your cards, and when people follow your collection
2 years agoReply
@shannonl5 Ah I shee... another question, where do you find your V points at? I looked at my profile, I didn't anything. Unless, I'm looking in the wrong place.
2 years agoReply
@Matokokepa with the new update it might have changed a little but when I look at my profile page the total number is there. If you're looking for the number of points in a specific community you can go to the members page. For example the Marvel one here:
2 years agoReply