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QQ Challenge: Which Idol Would You Be Stuck on a Desert Island With?

Let's hope that none of us get into this situation, but if it happened:

Who would you want to help you survive on a desert island?!


He can probably protect me, is strong enough to build a shelter, and is nice to look at.
loook i would say Taehyung because hes my bae but for this question im sorry V but im go with jackson cause i mean its jackson just look at him pluse he was in the jungle something show he has experience and he can help me and protect me in every way.....AWWWAHHHHH JACKSON.....i just pictured it
>u> probably Kookie cause that boy is CRAZY strong 0-0 plus I mean... Come on....... Sexy... XD
I can sooo agree with you for jackson, he is both smart and strong. but something would tell me I would rather be stuck with Zico, but something tells me I would be stuck with Tao, or J-Hope, or Jooheon, because I could see myself being stuck with people who are scaredy cats and it would get on my nerve trying to calm them down XD idk, just thinking here
Song Joong Ki -- he's smart and handsome so he can come up with a plan (shelter or starting a new civilization...................)
mark jungkook Jimin
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