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Your heart is arguably your most important organ. I mean, without a heartbeat, you're not even alive! So it's obvious that we should do our best to take care of this little guy. Here are 5 easy ways to have a healthier heart :)

Eat lots of dark chocolate.

Flavanols, an antioxidant compound in cocoa, reduces blood pressure – and along with it, risk of heart attack and stroke!

Cut down on salt.

Sodium is one of the sneakiest causes of dangerously high blood pressure. Eating out less and cooking healthy, low-sodium meals at home is the solution!

Get that body moving.

The American Heart Association says that getting just 30 minutes a day, five times a week, of aerobic exercise (even walking!) can reduce your risk of heart disease.

Listen to music.

Calming music with a slow tempo can actually decrease your blood pressure and your heart rate, and help you feel more relaxed!

Add more olive oil to your diet.

Did you know olive oil helps protect your red blood cells from damage? It's important to keep them in good shape, because damage to them can raise your risk of heart disease, heart attacks and stroke.
Amazing that making these 5 little changes can lead to a healthier heart and longer life! How do you take care of your heart? Is it something you even think about?
@JPBenedetto, I know you're an authority on heart health :) Do you have any tips to add?? :D
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Yes. I've been eating a bit of dark chocolate everyday for the past two weeks and I feel much better!
if listening to music makes your heart more healthy then mine must be REALLY strong XD. Loved this post. Always looking for simpler ways to make healthiness happen!
I just saw this tag - what a wonderful card! Know your numbers! Every person, 18 and older should know their blood pressure, total cholesterol with triglycerides and the number of risk factors they may share due to heredity or lifestyle. Start addressing each number as needed, with the quidance of a general practicitioner or lifestyle coach. A person's BMI is no longer considered an adequate indicator of heart (or overall) health, although it can act as a starting point for possible positive changes to make for the future of one's heart. We only have ONE...AND can't live without it! 💜XO! (I could go on for dayyyssss)
Healthy fats are also IMPERATIVE for stroke prevention and brain health!
Yaayyy @JPBenedetto awesome advice!! You are so wise!! :D <3 You're absolutely right – we only have one, so we gotta take care of it! :)