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It airs at 10 pm on Wednesday & Thursday, 27th of February. Keep following me ^.^ Let's see what happens to Seowon and Gillo couple hehehe. *Vietnamese live recap : http://www.vingle.net/posts/113302 Let's start ^.^ GL realizes that SW approaches him with the purpose of searching the information about GL's home. SW: Out of the way, please this time. i have to go GL: If you want to get out of here, kill me. GL doubts that the criminers of attacking his father are SW's side. SW works upon his feeling. SW: i know...but from the bottom of my heart.. it is true about you. SW points a gun herself. SW: if you want let me go,..i will shoot myself.. would you want to do it? GL:.....(Say nothing) Both GL and SW are crying in different place... After reporting her mission results, she wonders that does she have to move another place. SW reminds GL's saying when they broke up. At that time GL says 'Change your cell phone number ...home even if i am drunken, so that i can't contact you.' SW: i want to stay my house....like now.. The directors of civil servant are worried that whether they reveal the truth to GL or not. Actually GL is not a real civil servant. GL is lying on the bench in front of SW's apartment. He puts the elbum present that he wanted to give her on the ground. After watching this....she is lost in old memories. GL digs into the inside details of the case from ML. ML is nervous because if he investigates more, JJ can be revealed on the surface. In the office, SW is out. GL gets angry and he is searching for her lock but there is anything. In the headquarter, SM raps out a complaint because of SW. Actually DH leaves his position because of SW, so at the view of SM, SM is displeased that SW takes a place instead of DH. SM: We are not that close like this. GL calls SW that i will follow your organization. GL: Huh, you’re pissing up the wrong tree, my friend GL visits SW's part-time job store, actually here is civil servant organization. GL: i'm a member of civil servant ! so please give her Customer information. The member : We can't..it is a previous information. GL: i will make you confirm my identification. just wait a minute. Eveny civil servant watching this throught CCTV is embrassed "Who is he calling?" Actually he calls...the director of Civil servant, WS. WS checks his number and he just quit the phone. WS: Um...my wife...i'm busy... i have to quit bye ! SW's parents ^.^ He hands the present, long underwear. SW's mom cannot catch their fancy...she justs wants some luxrious presnet...Funny fighting hehehe Anyway GL visits SW's house but SW is not there..rather the couple comes out and then they explains that they move here today. GL feels betrayed to her. Civil servants are purchasing ML but they already know it. ML: GL has the paper related the contract between our brother in old days. JJ: Humm... then catch him until the contract. SW calls GL. SW: Let''s meet in front of convience store. GL: Are you really proud of yourself? huh? where are you? SW checks his place but she hides herself even they are calling. SW tries to avoid him after impressive words like take care yourself and thanks for your present. But GL realizes where she is.. He wants to catch her so her car is on the reverse violently. GL: ...I shouldn't have taught her how to drive. DH and his director GJ GJ put a pressure to go back your place to him. Actually it means that he is already in his side so work for me at that place. SW and YS get together and drink together. Some papers in the SW's bag. The papers are related to marriage bureau. The level are divided into 3. SW's friend : Your job is A+ ..also asset is A+ academic ability is A+...So considering all the things include the age... your level is C. SW: What? C? The bottom level? why? SW gets angry to her friend. SW feels sympathy that she works hard for the country but the result is C on the marriage company. SW also...did hard work for the company but result is....parting with GL. YS : Do not regretful thing as a woman..as a civil servant.....and just a person. After hearing her advice, SW decides to meet GL. SW is following the car that GL is kidnapped. DH and SM are in the food store. SM: Change your phone number DH: Why? No...it is the purpose of business. SM: .....Even i delete your number...but it doesn't work becuase i already memorized it so please change ! JJ kidnaps GL and he wants the paper related to the contract. JJ attacks GL..with the gun JJ: If you put out the paper, you can live but if you not..you will be killed. SW reports this to headquarter. SW: During tailing, there is gun fight. please request for assistance. But GL misunderstands that SW is the member of his enemy. SW: i believe you... GL: Actually i'm the member of civil servant. SW:What? What are you saying. Don't be kidding! After she hit his important part, she purches JJ.