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Hellooo vingle and people Just who the hell do you think I am?? I'm Jas gurren Lagann reference for ya but in all seriousness just got back home from NYC comic con wanted to show all the stuff I lost money on haha I'm a kind of shy person but at the same time very bombastic and nosy really depends on the day this is just an extended intro to get to know me I love anime manga cosplay and to debate it all day so please feel free to message me I'm still hunting for miss right and spend my days just living reading manga making money to fuel those grand ambitions of mine anything more feel free to ask hope you enjoy my brand of craziness
This is awesome. Nice swag. Welcome to vingle! Haven't seen you around yet!
@TessStevens thank you kindly and I've only had the app a few days comic con kind of ate up all my time lately but I'm getting back to the normal grind manga work work out and sometimes chill
I cosplay Law too!